Adding tags to posts

Adding relevant topic tags can help users discover your content. 

How do I add tags to my post?

Once you hit publish, you’ll see a new field asking you to add tags (this is optional). Simply input your keyword tag and hit enter after each tag to add it to your post. You can include up to five topic tags.

What types of tags can I use?

Tags should be keywords that are relevant to the story you are posting and you generally want to keep them short and topic-focused. For example, if you are writing a story about a holiday parade in your town, you might want to tag words such as “holiday” “parade” “winter events” “family fun” and also the town name.  

How will the tags be used?

Tags are clickable on the web. You will see the tags at the bottom of your articles or video descriptions and can help your content be discovered by users. We are also working on more ways to use the tags for content discovery in the future.