Content approval and moderation process

When will my story appear on NewsBreak?

While NewsBreak does not require editors to review story pitches or ideas, we do have a team of mighty moderators tasked with reviewing content. These real people, combined with advanced machine learning systems, enable NewsBreak to ensure stories surfaced to our readers follow our Community Standards , Content Requirements  and Editorial Standards.  

We understand timeliness is important and do our best to provide feedback as quickly as possible. While it is not common please note that during busy periods, the review process for stories may take up to 24 hours. Additionally, your stories might go through different stages of review throughout your story's lifespan. NewsBreak reserves the right to remove content violating our guidelines at any time, regardless of publishing status.  

You can track your story’s status within the “Manage Content” tab of your portal. If you find your piece has been rejected, you can click the pen icon to view the reason and make appropriate changes for resubmission. 

If the status of your story has not changed after 24 hours or you are unclear about why your piece has been rejected after reviewing our guidelines reach out to our support team via email.