Contributor Bio Tagline

What is a bio tagline and why is it so important on NewsBreak?

The bio tagline

The bio tagline is a new feature from NewsBreak that allows contributors to customize a tagline under their name and profile image utilizing 41 characters. The bio tagline will appear along with the contributor's image and name on NewsBreak feeds, article pages and profiles. The tagline gives you a little more space to make a first impression, gain credibility with the audience, and give people added reason to click or follow you.

Best practices

The best taglines are short, descriptive, and to the point. The taglines should be nouns and descriptors and not full sentences. If you have professional accolades or qualifications that speak to your experience in the topic that you cover, this is a place to show that off as well. The more specific you can get, the better, but you can keep it broader if you need.

Here are some examples:

  • 4th grade teacher. Mother of three 
  • Licensed family and marriage therapist
  • NYC video producer
  • Local food writer
  • Colorado travel videographer
  • PNW food and travel writer
  • True crime podcaster and writer

Things you should NOT do:

  • Do not include your name. This will already and always show up next to your tagline, so it is redundant and confusing
  • Do not use promotional language. There is a follow button next to your name already, and other promotions are excessive in such a small space


Certain taglines and fields such as legal experts (this includes judges and lawyers), medical professionals, financial advisors, scientists, politicians and journalists require additional professional and academic verification. 

Documentation needed for verification:

Must submit at least two 

  • Website (name must be clearly associated with the site)
    • If this is your personal website without links to bios or work with other outlets, please include another form of journalistic identification
  • Official email address associated with a reputable publication
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Verified Twitter account
  • Degree or certificate
  • Resume

Journalists will also need to provide links to:

  • At least 3 writing samples (or videos) from previous work with reputable publications
    (Your NewsBreak profile will also be taken into consideration, but you will need to provide outside links as well)

Journalists are defined as having:

  • Experience conducting credible and trustworthy reporting for a reputable outlet
  • Proven track record of accuracy in reporting
  • A reputation of impartiality

Journalist qualifications:

  • Experience working as a journalist for a reputable outlet (freelance is okay with at least 10 pieces)
  • In good standing on NewsBreak 
    • No more than three violations over the last 90 days
  • Located in the area they are covering (if local journalist)
  • Active in the last month on NewsBreak (published at least 3 stories in the past 30 days)
  • Your real name must be included as either your profile name or in your bio

Reasons for rejection

  • Language issues

Inappropriate language, incorrect spelling and improper grammar are all reasons a tagline might be rejected. Also, if your tagline is longer than the maximum of 41 characters, we also ask you to update it (there is now a cap, but you might have submitted before that was in place).  

  • Promotional language

The purpose of the tagline is to help contributors gain credibility, and so even having just one person abuse the purpose can hurt the whole group. Promotional language, deals, etc should not be included in your taglines. 

  • More documentation or verification needed

If you used a tagline that needs verification or didn’t submit enough, you will receive this feedback from our team. 

  • Account not eligible at this time
If you do not meet all the requirements necessary we will let you know and you can apply for verification again with updated sources and documentation. 

All taglines must also follow NewsBreak’s Community Guidelines, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.