Contributor Code of Conduct

NewsBreak’s Contributor Community Values


1. Be Kind

Whether engaging with contributors, the audience, or members of the NewsBreak team, we lead from a place of kindness, helpfulness, and good intent with each interaction. Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed.

2. Keep it Professional

We treat the Contributor Network and its entities as professional spaces and expect all actions to align with sensible business conduct. You should have a solid understanding of our policies, including the NewsBreak Contributor Network Terms of Service, NewsBreak’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Contributor Monetization Terms, etc, and abide by these at all times.

3. Grow Together

NewsBreak believes contributors are central to our mission and that we all succeed together. We empower one another as individuals and champion our wins. We are committed to learning, growing, and sharing together with the goal of helping everyone everywhere live safer, more vibrant, more truly connected lives.

Contributor Community Space

All contributors approved for monetization are invited to join a dedicated community space that we host on a platform called Circle. All contributors are expected to uphold our Community Values and Guidelines across all spaces of this forum. If you believe a post/comment is not in compliance, please report it to the NewsBreak Community team by using the “Report comment” option available within Circle.


We regularly host virtual events for our contributors. Each gathering is thoughtfully designed to help contributors learn, grow, and connect, as well as share feedback respectfully with our team. When you RSVP to an event, you are agreeing to abide by the rules and participation guidelines laid out in the event description including confidentiality terms and encouraged topics of conversation (as well as those we wish to avoid).

Moderating Comments

It is natural for contributor content published on NewsBreak to receive comments and feedback from our audience. You should lead by example and engage thoughtfully, while also utilizing the resources available to you within your contributor portal to moderate in the manner you see fit.

Other NewsBreak Forums

Whether emailing our support team, participating in user research surveys, or having individual chats with members of the NewsBreak team, you are expected to engage both professionally and kindly and we will do the same in return. We welcome feedback and criticism with the intent of helping us all improve, but will not tolerate cruel or derogatory language, nor harassment of team members whether on- and/or off-platform. Please be mindful that humans are on the other end of each piece of feedback we receive. Although we don’t always get it right, we operate in good faith and are eager to make improvements for our community.

Enforcing our Contributor Community Guidelines

We ask that all contributors take these guidelines seriously. NewsBreak commits to upholding them fairly and transparently and will take swift action to remedy behaviors or actions that do not align with what has been set forth. As such, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts or remove content for any reason at any time, including if a contributor’s on- and/or off-platform behavior harms our users, community, employees, or ecosystem. If you attempt to evade suspension or termination by creating new accounts, we will terminate your new accounts.

If you believe a contributor is in violation of these guidelines or have any other concerns, please contact us at