Contributor Correction Policy

If information in a story or video you have published on NewsBreak turns out to be inaccurate, it is your obligation to amend your piece and include a correction in a timely fashion.  

For articles, we require you place the correction at the top of the story under the heading ‘Correction’ and state both what was incorrect and what has changed about the article. 

For example,

Correction: The story originally said Jane Doe is 37. This is incorrect. She is 36. 

For video corrections, we require that you follow the same guidance as above but place the correction in the video description field under the heading ‘Correction.’

Examples of updates that require corrections 

  • Any factual error 
  • Misidentification of individual, business, country or other entities 
  • Misattribution of quotes, sourcing 
  • Incorrect title 
  • Incorrect age


  • Grammar or spelling cleanups
  • General editorial updates to the story