Download NewsBreak profile icons

Highlight your NewsBreak profile on your personal website and more.

Icon usage instructions

We encourage our creators to add NewsBreak icons to their personal websites, email signatures, within newsletters, and more. This suite of assets is an additional tool for you to drive more traffic to your NewsBreak stories and spread your content far and wide. 


To take advantage, follow the steps below:

  1. Download our suite of icons via this link.
  2. Select the icon that works best for where it will be seen. There’s a light pack and a dark pack made for different backgrounds. If you are putting the NewsBreak icon next to other social icons, we encourage you to use the design consistent with those as well.
  3. Find the unique link to your NewsBreak profile within the Profile Settings tab of your creator portal. It should end in “?s=01” (for example:
  4. Import the icon where you’d like it to be seen and hyperlink it to your NewsBreak profile.