Editorial best practices

You can find our Editorial Standards & Guidelines here

In addition, here are a few other best practices on NewsBreak.


Localization: We are an intelligent local news app. Our users value quality local content and therefore, we prioritize and reward original local content. Whenever you are able to, your content should have a local focus. 

Word count: Articles perform best when they are 400+ words. That doesn’t mean you should substitute quality for quantity, as we will review each piece of content individually. Generally speaking, articles less than 250 words don’t provide enough context or value to our readers and run the risk of being rejected by our moderation team for being incomplete. 

Uniqueness: We value diversity and uniqueness. If you are covering a topic that everyone else is also writing about, it will be difficult to receive a lot of impressions and page views. To stand out, your pieces should cover unique topics, issues, people, communities, etc. 

Impact: It’s important to consider the impact of a story and how it can affect people’s lives. Also, how can you increase the positive impact of a story? Perhaps, you could include a solutions-based focus, ways to help, next steps, etc. It also means editing for clarity and making sure you don’t obscure the important truths.

Richness: Including images, multimedia and social cards can make a big difference in storytelling and help readers better understand your story. 

Style and readability: Use your creativity when it comes to style and formatting as long as you keep the reader in mind. It often makes sense to break up paragraphs and highlight key words, so that the reader can easily follow and digest your content without being overwhelmed by the information and text on screen. 

Timeliness: While we don’t expect you to cover breaking news, your content should still be relevant and timely to your audience. 


Note: Creators who consistently follow our values, principles and best practices are more likely to be more widely promoted across our platform and app.