FAQ: Content

Can I repost content from my blog (or other channels) or does all my content need to exclusive?

You are allowed to republish your work as long as you own all the rights, and the content needs to be fully published on NewsBreak. If you republish content, it is not necessary to say where it was first published and you should not link out to any other site.

Should I include links to my sources?

Yes, of course! You must attribute all information you get from other sites, and it is encouraged to link to references when you can within your article.

Can I add a “Read More” button to my articles?

We do not allow creators to redirect readers to other sites to read more. Articles should always be published in full on NewsBreak. 

Can I include a link or sign up in my story?

We don’t allow ads or solicitations. You can include your blog, newsletter or other another website in your contributor bio.

Is adult content allowed?

We do not allow any adult content on our platform. 

What pictures can I include in my article?

You should have permission for all the images you post. For where to find royalty-free images and what sources you should avoid, read more here

Why isn't my content approved?

This doesn't happen often, but sometimes stories are not approved by our moderation. If this is the case, we encourage you to read over our Content Policy, Requirements, and Editorial Standards. Your answer can usually be found in there and it is usually a quick fix. You can then re-publish your content adhering to all of our guidelines. If you are still not finding your answer, you can email our creator support email and we can assist you. 

Why isn't my content getting any impressions?

While there could be a number of different reasons for this, we've discovered that one of top causes for low distribution/impressions on approved content is due to a headline being marked as clickbait. If you suspect this is the reason, we recommend that you update your title to something that is relevant. You might consider avoiding any listicle format or overly exaggerated words such as best, amazing, etc. We are always working on improving, so you can reach out if you have questions about a specific piece of content.