FAQ: Earnings

How can I update my payment information? 

In the Contributor Portal, click on the “Profile Settings” tab. You can edit your profile settings, as well as any payment settings through NewsBreak’s payments partner, Tipalti. To make changes to your payments, click the Payment settings via Tipalti button at the bottom. 

My page views and analytics seem to be delayed/not accurate?

Analytics can take a few hours to update, but they are updated at least every 24 hours. If you check back and are still having issues please email us at the support email.

Do monetization terms have a minimum monthly or weekly requirement in terms of articles?

Although we highly recommend publishing on a consistent basis, there are no monthly or weekly minimum requirements to qualify for payment. 

If an article has 900 PVs for the month, does that mean ZERO thousands? Are all PV values truncated to the thousands place?

We will still calculate your revenue if your article has less than 1000 page views, but the rate will be multiplied by < 1. For instance, if your article received 900 PVs, the payment rate would be multiplied by 0.9.

Is the revenue for a given article just for the calendar month in which it was posted? If so, an article posted near the end of the month has minimal opportunity to obtain page views.

No, an “old article” can continue to monetize regardless of when it was published. We calculate your payment based on a calendar month (first day of the month to the last day of that same month). So any earnings made in a calendar month whether it is page views, referral bonuses, app downloads etc. will be combined and paid within 15 days after the end of that calendar month. Let’s say you publish an article on February 27. All page views that article receives in the month of February will be paid in March, and all the page views that same article receives in March will be paid in April.