Filling out your profile

After you’ve signed up, it’s time to set up your profile. When filling out your account info keep in mind that your first and last name should be your legal name. This will be important if you apply for monetization in the future. This information will be kept private and you will not be able to change it once you enter it. Your Account Name is what will be displayed publicly and you will have the option to change it in your Profile Settings tab on the portal. 


An appropriate picture of yourself or your logo works best for your account image. 

Account name

Most of you already have some sort of online presence or industry recognition, so it will probably make the most sense to use that name attached to your work and expertise, which is often your first and last name. If you’re unsure, using your full name is a good idea. If you prefer to use the name of your blog or other site that is fine too. Basically, you just don’t want to leave people confused by your name. 

Your location

At NewsBreak there is a focus on local content and picking your location on your profile is very important. You won’t be restricted to only writing local content in that one area, but this should be your current, permanent location. Your location will help us properly connect you with your local audience and develop a community on our platform. 


Users want to know who you are and why they should trust you. This description acts as your bio and should not be overlooked. It should be used as a tool to gain more followers and also establish your expertise.

Keep your description to under 250 characters, with the specificities of what you’re writing about surfaced in approximately the first 130 characters (more on that below). For example, if you specialize in food and drink stories in Miami, this should be referenced in the first line. If you write about more than one topic, focus on your top 2-4 content areas in order to establish your expertise and clue readers into why they should follow your work.


  • Certified Life Coach | NLP-MP | I create transformative personal development and self-help content that helps you improve your life and your relationships.
  • Tom Johnson has been writing and editing in NYC and around the world for 20+ years. He has written travel guides to LA, Bangkok, Tokyo, Florence, and Barcelona and has written for myriad publications including Travel + Leisure, Fodor’s Travel, and Lonely Planet.

Your bio should also introduce your style and voice to set the tone for the content of your pieces. If your stories have any sort of political leanings, this must also be disclosed in the bio.

You can offer personal details in your bio if it makes sense to your contributions. For instance, if you write about parenting, you can share how many kids you have, or introduce your dog if you’re a pet expert.

You can read more examples here

Website URL

This allows you to share a personal link with the audience. You can include a link to your personal website, blog, social media, etc. However, you shouldn’t post a link that is associated with another creator program.