Tips for creating compact videos

Ideas for how to shorten videos and achieve higher audience engagement.

Since most of our audience watches videos on their phones and we hope to provide the best user experience, we encourage you to compact your videos. It is important to capture a viewer’s attention at the beginning and be clear about the focus in the first 15 seconds of the video. Currently, we accept videos longer than 30 seconds and less than 20 minutes to be published on the platform, and we recommend you to keep the video length between 1-3 minutes to hold a viewer’s attention span. The idea length of a video is one minute on the platform.

Here are some specific tips on producing shorter videos:

  1. Shorten your video intros and outros and be clear about the focus at the beginning. Videos that are able to capture their audience within the first 10 seconds often perform better and get more likes.
  2. Split your long videos into several episodes. We fully understand that some stories may take more than a few minutes to tell. You can split those long stories into several episodes so that each one can be compact, but make sure they are edited in a way that is cohesive and makes sense to the audience.
  3. When you split videos into several episodes, it is suggested to come up with new video titles instead of adding Episode 1/2/3 only. It is important to find the split points that ensure each episode is complete, informative, and valuable. You can also create a highlight in each episode that gives your audience enough information to prompt them to click through and engage.
  4. Speed up some video clips or trim your content. Speeding up, cutting parts out of the middle of your video, or skipping some unnecessary clips can reduce the overall duration and make your videos more compact.

When creating videos, it is important to take length into consideration to optimize quality and effective storytelling. Short-form videos usually boost the number of people who actually get to the end of your videos and have better engagement levels, as audiences have the tendency for short attention spans. Trimming your videos, splitting and cutting, and speeding up your videos would be helpful to engage with your followers and make your videos more shareable on the platform!

*NewsBreak videos should be between 30 seconds to 20 minutes and we no longer accept videos longer than 30 minutes. If a video warrants an extension to 30 minutes, we may make an exception for high-quality videos. If a video is longer than 20 minutes, it will be reviewed by our team for quality and content.