Violations, Suspensions and Account Terminations

What causes an account to be suspended or terminated?

If you repeatedly violate our Community Standards, your account is at risk of suspension and/or termination. 

Strike Management

If a contributor tries to publish content that violates one of these policies, they will receive a strike immediately.

  • Nudity or sexual content
  • Violence and gory content
  • Harassment and hateful content
  • False or misleading content
  • Intellectual Property and Privacy
  • Dangerous and illegal content
  • Minor endangerment

The first violation or strike is a warning. The second time you make a serious policy violation your account will be suspended and you will not be able to edit or publish content for one week. The third strike could result in termination from the platform. 

If you believe the strike is not warranted, you may appeal the decision. Our content moderation and trust & safety team will review the decision and respond accordingly. 

Do strikes expire?

Strikes will be removed after 90 days if your account remains in good standing and you do not receive any additional strikes. 

Other violations

If a contributor publishes content that does not follow the established Standards and Guidelines, Policy or Requirements multiple times, their account may face a suspension of up to seven days or potentially account termination. Contributors will be notified via email when their account is suspended or faces termination. This is separate from the strike management system in place. 


Additionally, re-publishing old content with no significant updates or added information is not allowed and can result in a warning. If the behavior continues it could result in termination or suspension.


Finally, NewsBreak will regularly perform quality control checks and reserves the right to remove content at any time regardless of strikes and previous publishing status. Violating content standards may also affect both distribution and monetization, if applicable.